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Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 Review: Fitness Weight Training Workout

Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 is the latest, improved version of John Romaniello’s popular weight loss program. This program is designed to get rid of the stubborn fat that resists more traditional methods of weight loss. The program combines a variety of methods that focus on not just the standard things like exercise and diet, but also hormone stabilization.

Final Phase Fat Loss, as the name implies, is a weight loss exercise program that is designed to help a person lose unwanted weight. The Final Phase Fat Loss exercise program not only helps a person lose pounds but also tone his or her body.

This training system is an exercise-focused fat loss program created by personal trainer John Romaniello. This program was created by combining the most effective aspects of a variety of training methods. The resulting system is designed to maximize fat loss for the difficult-to-lose last 10-20 pounds. Final Phase Fat Loss is ideal for someone who has already experienced some weight loss success or for someone who does not have much to lose. Even though this program only emphasizes the loss of the last 10 pounds, the last pounds are always the most difficult to eliminate and therefore require a different approach to master.

Final Phase Fat Loss Training SystemSo if you are looking for training from a fitness expert that is optimized for fat loss and to get you looking good quickly this may well be for you. Inside this program there are 7 main components:

  • 6 week training manual – 16 fat burning workouts
  • Workout log sheets you can print out for easy reference
  • Results tracker to record changes such as weight loss and body fat percentage
  • A complete list of every exercise relating to different parts of the body
  • An audio of the creation of the Final Phase Fat Loss training and why particular methods were used
  • John Romaniello is interviewed by another fitness expert, Joel Marion about this training program
  • A quick start checklist – makes sure you have everything to burn fat quick

How Does The Final Phase Fat Loss System Work?

John’s system is therefore designed to outsmart the genetics of the problem of losing the last few pounds and he therefore developed his training program to specifically achieve this. The idea behind the Final Phase Fat Loss system is that it provides a huge variety of fat buring exercises that helps the body to lose the fat quickly and effectively. This system not only helps you with abdominal fat loss but also provides a great overall body fat loss system.

is based on four basic principles. The first is that you have to work hard; this is not a “magic pill” program by any means! Second, exercise is more important than diet. Third, you need to do heavy weight lifting at least weekly to retain muscle mass and strength and keep your metabolism fast. Fourth, use a variety of training styles weekly to avoid plateaus in fat loss.

The Advantages of the Final Phase Fat Loss Training System:

  • This program only lasts for about a month and a half and can help a person to lose fat that will just not come off any other way.
  • The workouts are well explained and simple to understand. There are detailed explanations provided for people who may not be used to working out on a regular basis.
  • The program helps a person to lose stubborn fat.
  • One great advantage to using this program is that it has been created by a trainer with a great deal of experience in the field of weight loss.

Overall, this program is very well put-together. The training is based on good principles and the explanations of the hormonal effects of training are concise and easy to read. While it does have a few weak points, if you’ve got your nutrition pretty much already in order, the training you find in here might be just what you need to really push your bodyfat to a whole new low! Definitely worth checking out.

Final Phase Fat Loss


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