Fat Loss Idiots Review: Fat Loss For Idiots Weight Loss Diet

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Fat Loss 4 IdiotsFat Loss 4 Idiots is an 11 day program designed to help you lose weight. Through a combination of boosting your metabolism by eating more often as well as something called “calorie shifting” (a process that allegedly confuses the body into burning more body fat by eating in a specific manner). Together this diet promises to help you slim down after only eleven days.

The diet plan is an extremely easy to follow, yet comprehensive weight loss program. Just like the name suggests, this program is "Idiot Proof." And unlike most so called "diet plans" Fat Loss For Idiots follows through with your fat loss, and teaches you how to adjust and keep your weight down. Inside the program, you’ll find diet generators, handbooks, calorie counters, myths about fat loss, healthy tips, exercise plans and much more.

The Secret Behind Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet

So what is the secret about this diet program that makes it so successful? The answer: Calorie shifting. Calorie shifting diet plans such as fat loss for idiots really work because they adjust the speed of your metabolism to ensure that it doesn’t slow down.

What you will be doing with calorie shifting is alternating your protein and carbohydrate intakes daily, to ensure that your metabolism will keep on adjusting throughout the day to help you safely and quickly lose weight. Your metabolism responds to your bodies eating patterns, and so by shifting our eating patterns, we can train our metabolism to burn off calories.

With Fat Loss Idiots, you will not be consuming the same amount of calories every day, and by doing this, you will be tricking your metabolism into burning off calories quickly.

How Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Work?

Fat Loss For IdiotsFat Loss Idiots Weight Loss Program comes in two parts, the Diet Handbook and the Diet Generator.

The first part is a handbook that contains some of the best foods that you can eat to help you lose weight successfully. The majority of the foods in the handbook contain lean protein foods and foods which contain the best types of carbohydrates that you should be eating. Apart from this there are detailed explanations of how calorie shifting works and why it works.

The second part is a diet generator. With this, you type in all the foods that you like, from a list provided in the handbook. The diet generator gives you 11 days of meal plans based on the foods you like to eat most. And, if you want to lose weight, you are to follow this meal plan as strictly as possible for 11 days. These diet plans can then be printed out for you to keep. The good thing is that the meals you have to eat are never the same each day.

After the 11 days comes the fun part, a 3 day grace (or “cheat”) period when you can eat just about anything you want. Knowing you have this cheat period to look forward to often helps you get through the 11 days that come before.

After the 3 day grace period, if you want to lose more weight, you start the 11 day meal plan over again. And you continue the cycle (11 days on the meal plan, 3 days off) until you’ve reached your weight loss goal.

How to Follow Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet?

As already described if you read the diet handbook, and use the diet generator all you have to do is go shopping for the goods on your meal plan list, prepare them, and eat when scheduled to. There is an element of exercise suggested, consists of a daily walk but many people have posted on popular forms that their seeing 4-6 lbs lost every 11 days without walking.

Fat Loss Idiots Diet Plan takes advantage of one often overlooked factor – fat burning hormones. These hormones help you lose weight the natural way. The program helps you tap into this resource through a clever diet which encourages the body to produce these hormones. This is the reason behind more meals per day and the results speak for themselves.

To see success with this diet you just need to follow the plan, nothing more nothing less. The beauty is it’s all laid out for you on a blue print to follow so unless you purposely do not do what you’re supposed to do you can’t fail.

The fat burning diet also debunks some long-held myths on losing weight. For instance, going on low fat diet is not necessarily the best thing to do. Low calorie foods can help but only leave you hungry for more. Low carbs on the other hand is a bad idea since the body needs this to perform vital functions. The program aims to correct all these while achieving the best results.

The meal plan work because it tricks your body into thinking it never starves. This means you get to eat whatever you fancy while still losing weight. The program is so flexible in fact that even vegetarians can use it. All that is needed is to select a list of foods that you like and let the diet generator work its magic.

Hence, our Fat Loss Idiots review concludes that this is one of the best diet programs available in the industry today considering the fact that there is lesser risk on your part because it will simply guide you to change your meal plan into healthy ones without the need to use medicines. Also, its effectiveness can be already be felt within few months of observing the suggested regimen.

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